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Under 10 PLATE CUP

Under 10 Plate INFORMATION

Plate CUP 1st Round
2 games & 14 Byes
Saturday 8th January

Gosport Borough Black V Fleetlands BLACK
H&W Hawks V Stamshaw Knights PP Due to waterlogged pitch

Byes - AFC Whiteley, Berewood Panthers, Bishops Waltham Dynamos, Burseldon Sharks,
Cowplain, Crofton Saints Panthers, Fleetlands Red, Gosport Borough Orange,
Gosport Falcons, Hawks Community, Sarisbury Sparks Amber,
Sarisbury Sparks White, Stubbington Owls & Waltham Wolves Cobras

Plate CUP 1st Round *** 2nd attempt ***

H&W Hawks V Stamshaw Knights

Plate CUP 1st RD ***3rd attempt**

H&W Hawks V Stamshaw Knights


Sarisbury Sparks White v Stubbington Robins

Progression into 2nd round
Gosport Borough Black
Stubbington Robbins

2nd Round
8 Games - 16 Teams


Cowplain v Waltham Wolves Cobras
AFC Whiteley v Hawks Community
Berewood Panthers v Crofton Saints Panthers
Gosport Borough Black v Stubbington Robins
Fleetlands RED v Burseldon Sharks
H&W Hawks v Gosport Borough Orange
Stubbington Owls v Sarisbury Sparks Amber
Bishops Waltham Dynamos v Gosport Falcons Purple

Team Progress into Quarter finals

Stubbington Robins
Crofton Saints
Sarisbury Sparks Amber
Fleetlands RED
Waltham Wolves Cobras
Gosport Falcons Purple
Gosport Borough Orange
AFC Whiteley

Quarter finals Plate
Saturday 26/2/22
Waltham Wolves Cobras v Gosport Falcons Purple
Fleetlands Red v AFC Whiteley
Crofton Saints Panthers v Sarisbury Sparks Amber
Gosport Borough Orange v Stubbington Robins

5.3.22 2nd attempt

Fleetlands Red v AFC Whiteley

Team Progress into semi-finals

Gosport Falcons
Crofton Saints Panthers
Gosport Borough Orange
AFC Whiteley

TO BE PLAYED 26th March 2022
Crofton Saints Panthers v AFC Whiteley
2 Gosport Falcons Purple v Gosport Borough Orange

Under 10 Plate Final
DATE 30th April
Venue: Front Lawn
Kick Off: 9:30AM

Crofton Saints V Gosport Borough ORANGE