Please remember you DO NOT have to fulfil all these fixtures, if you need to make changes ie postponements, reversal of fixtures please firstly advise your opposition and let the Div Sec know as well to update the website.

REMEMBER - Team sheet required for every game that you play.

Proposed division w/e/f 9th Nov

Crofton Saints Panthers
Gosport Falcons
Stubbington Owls
Sarisbury Sparks White
Padnell Rovers Phoenix
Lee Rangers
Sarisbury Sparks Amber - MOVED FROM COX Division from 30th Nov fixtures
Gosport Borough Grey - NEW TEAM FROM 30th Nov fixtures
Locksheath Lions U8’s Blue NEW TEAM from 25.1.20
AFC Whiteley Youth from 25.1.20

SAT 18th Jan
Gosport Falcons V BSS POSTPONED
Crofton Saints Panthers V Lee Rangers
Sarisbury Sparks White V Sarisbury Sparks Amber
Padnell Rovers Phoenix V Cowplain
Gosport Borough Grey V Stubbington Owls

SAT 25th Jan
Lee Rangers V Gosport Falcons
Stubbington Owls V BSS
Sarisbury Sparks Amber V Crofton Saints Panthers
Padnell Rovers Phoenix V Sarisbury Sparks White
Cowplain V Locksheath Lions Blue
AFC Whiteley Youth V Sarisbury Sparks Amber

SAT 1st Feb
Gosport Falcons V Stubbington Owls
Lee Rangers V Cowplain POSTPONED
Locksheath Lions Blue V Sarisbury Sparks Amber POSTPONED PITCH CONDITIONS
Crofton Saints Panthers V Sarisbury Sparks White
Gosport Borough Grey V Padnell Rovers Phoenix
BSS v AFC Whiteley Youth

SAT 8th Feb
Cowplain V Gosport Falcons
Padnell Rovers Phoenix V Stubbington Owls
Sarisbury Sparks Amber V Lee Rangers
Crofton Saints Panthers V BSS
Sarisbury Sparks White V Gosport Borough Grey
AFC Whiteley Youth V Locksheath Lions Blue POSTPONED

SAT 15th Feb
Sarisbury Sparks Amber V Padnell Rovers Phoenix
Cowplain V Sarisbury Sparks White
Stubbington Owls V Crofton Saints Panthers
Locksheath Lions Blue V BSS
Gosport Borough Grey V Gosport Falcons
Lee Rangers V AFC Whiteley Youth

SAT 29th Feb
Sarisbury Sparks White V Gosport Falcons
Crofton Saints Panthers V Locksheath Lions Blue
Sarisbury Sparks Amber V Cowplain
Lee Rangers V Stubbington Owls
BSS V Gosport Borough Grey
Padnell Rovers Phoenix V AFC Whiteley Youth

SAT 7th Mar
Gosport Falcons V Crofton Saints Panthers
Locksheath Lions Blue V BSS
Padnell Rovers Phoenix V Lee Rangers
Cowplain V Stubbington Owls
Gosport Borough Grey V Sarisbury Sparks Amber
AFC Whiteley Youth V Sarisbury Sparks White

SAT 14th Mar
BSS V Gosport Falcons
Sarisbury Sparks Amber V Locksheath Lions Blue
Stubbington Owls V Sarisbury Sparks White
Cowplain V Padnell Rovers Phoenix
Lee Rangers V Gosport Borough Grey
Crofton Saints Panthers V AFC Whiteley Youth

Depending on the weather will put fixtures in for 21st and 28th March nearer the time.
Easter Holidays commence on Sat 4th April, weather dependant again, I am happy to put fixtures in after this holiday but reluctant to go into May as that is when tournament season gets going anyway.