Under 8 Coleman

Please remember you DO NOT have to fulfil all these fixtures, if you need to make changes ie postponements, reversal of fixtures please firstly advise your opposition and let the Div Sec know as well to update the website.

REMEMBER - Team sheet required for every game that you play.


Under 8 Coleman

Crofton Saints Lions
Gosport Borough Yellow
Locks Heath Lions Blue
Bishopd Waltham Dynamoes Maroon
Sarisbury Sparks Black
Waltham Wol. Tornadoes
Fleetlands Youth

11/09/2021 Sarisbury Sparks Black .v. Waltham Wol. Tornadoes
11/09/2021 Locks Heath Lions Blue .v. Bye
11/09/2021 Bishop B W. Maroon .v. Fleetlands Youth
11/09/2021 Gosport Borough Yellow .v. Crofton Saints Lions

18/09/2021 Bishop B W. Maroon .v. Locks Heath Lions Blue
18/09/2021 Fleetlands Youth .v. Crofton Saints Lions
18/09/2021 Waltham Wol. Tornadoes .v. Bye
18/09/2021 Sarisbury Sparks Black .v. Gosport Borough Yellow

25/09/2021 Bye .v. Fleetlands Youth
25/09/2021 Gosport Borough Yellow .v. Waltham Wol. Tornadoes
25/09/2021 Crofton Saints Lions .v. Bishop B W. Maroon
25/09/2021 Locks Heath Lions Blue .v. Sarisbury Sparks Black

02/10/2021 Fleetlands Youth .v. Sarisbury Sparks Black
02/10/2021 Waltham Wol. Tornadoes .v. Crofton Saints Lions
02/10/2021 Gosport Borough Yellow .v. Locks Heath Lions Blue
02/10/2021 Bye .v. Bishop B W. Maroon

09/10/2021 Crofton Saints Lions .v. Locks Heath Lions Blue
09/10/2021 Bishop B W. Maroon .v. Gosport Borough Yellow
09/10/2021 Sarisbury Sparks Black .v. Bye
09/10/2021 Waltham Wol. Tornadoes .v. Fleetlands Youth

16/10/2021 Locks Heath Lions Blue .v. Waltham Wol. Tornadoes
16/10/2021 Bishop B W. Maroon .v. Sarisbury Sparks Black
16/10/2021 Gosport Borough Yellow .v. Fleetlands Youth
16/10/2021 Bye .v. Crofton Saints Lions

23/10/2021 Bye .v. Gosport Borough Yellow
23/10/2021 Fleetlands Youth .v. Locks Heath Lions Blue
23/10/2021 Crofton Saints Lions .v. Sarisbury Sparks Black
23/10/2021 Waltham Wol. Tornadoes .v. Bishop B W. Maroon

30/10/2021 Waltham Wol. Tornadoes .v. Sarisbury Sparks Black
30/10/2021 Bye .v. Locks Heath Lions Blue
30/10/2021 Fleetlands Youth .v. Bishop B W. Maroon
30/10/2021 Crofton Saints Lions .v. Gosport Borough Yellow

06/11/2021 Locks Heath Lions Blue .v. Bishop B W. Maroon
06/11/2021 Crofton Saints Lions .v. Fleetlands Youth
06/11/2021 Bye .v. Waltham Wol. Tornadoes
06/11/2021 Gosport Borough Yellow .v. Sarisbury Sparks Black

13/11/2021 Fleetlands Youth .v. Bye
13/11/2021 Waltham Wol. Tornadoes .v. Gosport Borough Yellow
13/11/2021 Bishop B W. Maroon .v. Crofton Saints Lions
13/11/2021 Sarisbury Sparks Black Locks Heath Lions Blue

20/11/2021 Sarisbury Sparks Black .v. Fleetlands Youth
20/11/2021 Crofton Saints Lions .v. Waltham Wol. Tornadoes
20/11/2021 Locks Heath Lions Blue .v. Gosport Borough Yellow
20/11/2021 Bishop B W. Maroon .v. Bye

27/11/2021 Locks Heath Lions Blue .v. Crofton Saints Lions
27/11/2021 Gosport Borough Yellow .v. Bishop B W. Maroon
27/11/2021 Bye .v. Sarisbury Sparks Black
27/11/2021 Fleetlands Youth .v. Waltham Wol. Tornadoes

04/12/2021 Waltham Wol. Tornadoes .v. Locks Heath Lions Blue
04/12/2021 Sarisbury Sparks Black .v. Bishop B W. Maroon
04/12/2021 Fleetlands Youth .v. Gosport Borough Yellow
04/12/2021 Crofton Saints Lions .v. Bye

11/12/2021 Gosport Borough Yellow .v. Bye
11/12/2021 Locks Heath Lions Blue .v. Fleetlands Youth
11/12/2021 Sarisbury Sparks Black .v. Crofton Saints Lions
11/12/2021 Bishop B W. Maroon .v. Waltham Wol. Tornadoes