Under 7

New team: Stubbington Owls (20.9.18) - will re-jig fixtures to accommodate them.

Fixtures below, go up to the October half term, whereupon I will review the results that have come into me by then. It is important I receive the results of all games. Due to the number of entries initially I have gone with one league.
Blank team sheets have been sent out to all Club Secretaries for passing on to all Managers / Coaches, I require a team sheet for EVERY game you play home or away. Please send this to the following e-mail address by the Sunday after the game - alisearle65@sky.com
The team sheet is self explanatory, so please complete as fully as possible.
If you wish to postpone a game and possibly re-arrange, please ensure you firstly contact your opposition, then advise the Div Sec so that I can update the website. Please be aware that you do not have to play all the games set out for you if you don't wish to at this age group.

Crofton Saints Tigers V Sarisbury Sparks Amber
Waltham Wolves Tigers V Gosport FC
Crofton Saints Panthers V Stubbington Robins
Pickwick Lions V BSS
Crofton Saints Lions V Cowplain Youth

Cowplain Youth V Crofton Saints Panthers
Crofton Saints Lions V Pickwick Lions - POSTPONED BY Crofton Saints
BSS V Crofton Saints Tigers - POSTPONED BY Crofton
Stubbington Robins V Gosport FC - POSTPONED to 13th OCT
Stubbington Robins V Stubbington Owls
Sarisbury Sparks Amber V Waltham Wolves Tigers

Gosport FC V Crofton Saints Tigers
Sarisbury Sparks Amber V Crofton Saints Panthers
Waltham Wolves Tigers V Pickwick Lions
Stubbington Owls V Cowplain Youth
Stubbington Robins V Crofton Saints Lions

Stubbington Robins V Gosport FC
Sarisbury Sparks Amber V Stubbington Owls
BSS V Waltham Wolves Tigers
Crofton Saints Tigers V Crofton Saints Lions

Crofton Saints Tigers V Crofton Saints Lions - POSTPONED- to be played 13/10
Cowplain Youth V BSS
Stubbington Robins V Pickwick Lions
Crofton Saints Panthers V Waltham Wolves Tigers
Gosport FC V Sarisbury Sparks Amber