Under 16 Div 1A, Div 1 & Div 2 Fixtures

The Under 16 age group will be run on a new format.

There will be three divisions

Under 16 1A Division, which will include fixtures for every team in the age group, the teams from the orginal U16 A will play each other twice and will also play the teams from the original U16 B once only across the season.

Under 16 Division 1, which will be conested by the five teams that were to make up the original U16 A, they will play each other twice through out the season.

The Under 16 Division 2, which will be made up of the original teams that were to make up the U16 B, they will play each other twice through out the season.

By adopting this system the teams in the U16 Division 1 will get 13 league matches plus League Cup and Hants Cup matches, at the least 15 matches in the season.
The teams in U16 Division 2 will get at least 13 league games and 2 Cup games if the have entered the Hants Cup.

We appreciate that the weaker sides in the age group may find playing the stronger sides a bit daunting, but the system does allow for the extra games and three set of honours.

We will also operate a mercy ruling of six clear goals and the game will terminate in the match up between the Div 1 & Div 2 saides.
The mercy rule will not apply to divisional games between sides playing each other in Div 1 & div 2.


Under 16 Div 1A, 16 Div 1 & Division 2 Fixtures

Under 16 A1, Div 1 & Div 2

AFC Portchester Royals 1 v 7 Locksheath Lions Red (Div 1A)
Chamberlayne Athletic 2 v 3 Vectis Youth (Div 1)
Whiteley Wanderers Dragons 4 v 1 Crofton Saints Panthers (Div 1)
Lee Rangers 9 v 0 Locksheath Lions Blue (Div 2)
AFC Whiteley P v P Crofton Saints Lions (Div 2)

Vectis Youth 8 v 0 AFC Portchester Royals (Div 1A)
Whiteley Wanderers Dragons 6 v 0 Crofton Saints Lions (Div 1A)
AFC Portchester Castle 5 .v. 1 Chamberlayne Athletic (Div 1A)
Crofton Saints Panthers P v P AFC Whiteley (Div1A)
Lee Rangers 6 v 3 Locksheath Lions Blue (Div 1A)

Locksheath Lions Red 1 v 9 Vectis Youth (Div 1A)
AFC Portchester Royals 2 v 5 Chamberlayne Athletic (Div 1)
AFC Portchester Castles 0 v 2 Whiteley Wanderers

22/8/18 1st Round Challenge Cup
Crofton Saints Panthers .v. Lee Rangers
Locksheath Lions Blue .v. Crofton Saints Lions

AFC Portchester Castles W/O .v. W/D AFC Whiteley

Chamberlayne Athletic v Locksheath Lions Red (Div 1A)
Whiteley Wanderers Dragons v AFC Portchester Royals (Div 1)
Lee Rangers v Vectis Youth
AFC Portchester Castles v Crofton Saints Lions
Crofton Saints Panthers v Locksheath Lions Blue