Under 13's League Cup

To Be Played on Saturday 21st September

1 Stubbington Ospreys 3 v 2 Whiteley Wanderers Fury
2 AFC Eastney 4 v 2 Gosport Borough Green
3 Waltham Wolves Wolfpack 0 v 8 University of Portsmouth
4 Stubbington Hawks 1 v 9 Swanmore
5 Freehouse 4 v 6 Stubbington Kites
6 Padnell Rovers 0 v 4 East Lodge Hurricanes
7 Berewood Panthers Hurricanes 0 v 16 Locksheath Lions

AFC Portchester Castles, Crofton Saints Leopards, Crofton Saints Lions, Gosport Borough Black, Horndean Red, Lee Rangers Blue, Lee Rangers White, Pickwick Panthers & Waltham Wolves Titans

To Be Played Oct 19th

Stubbington Kites .v. Crofton Saints Lions
Crofton Saints Leopards .v. Pickwick Panthers
Gosport Borough Blacks .v. Lee Rangers Whites
Locksheath Lions .v. Horndean Youth
Lee Rangers Blue .v. AGC Eastney
Swanmore Youth .v. Waltham Wolves Titans
Stubbington Ospreys .v. AFC Portchester Castles
East Lodge Hurricanes .v. University of Portsmouth