Under 12's Plate Competition

First Round 23rd November 2019

Stamshaw Knights v AFC Portchester Vikings

Byes: Baffins Milton Rovers, BSS / Stubbington Merlins, Crofton Saints Lions, Crofton Saints Panthers, Gosport Borough Red, Gosport Falcons White, Lee Rangers White, Locksheath Lions Blue, Padnell Rovers, Pickwick Pumas, Stubbington Falcons, Swanmore, University of Portsmouth Boys, Waltham Wolves Hurricanes & Waltham Wolves Spitfires

Second Round 11th January 2020

1 Stubbington Falcons v Pickwick Pumas
2 Waltham Wolves Hurricanes v Stamshaw Knights
3 Crofton Saints Lions v Padnell Rovers
4 Lee Rangers White v Waltham Wolves Spitfires
5 Baffins Milton Rovers v Swanmore
6 Stubbington Merlins v University of Portsmouth Boys
7 Gosport Falcons White v Crofton Saints Panthers
8 Locksheath Lions Blue v Gosport Borough Red

Quarter Final 8th February 2020

1 Waltham Wolves Spitfires v Gosport Borough Red
2 University of Portsmouth Boys v Pickwick Pumas
3 Crofton Saints Lions v Baffins Milton Rovers
4 Gosport Falcons White v Waltham Wolves Hurricanes