Under 12's Challenge Cup

To Be Played Sept 21st2019

1 Pickwick Pumas 4 v 8 University of P’mouth Scholars
2 Waltham Wolves Hurricanes 0 v 6 Gosport Falcons Youth
3 Stubbington Falcons 0 v 2 Stubbington Merlins
4 Locksheath Lions Blue 1 v 1 BSS win on penalties 1-4
5 Crofton Saints Panthers 0 v 8 Gosport Falcons Blue
6 University of Portsmouth v Lee Rangers Blue (Walkover Uni Portsmouth)
7 AFC Portchester Vikings v Swanmore (walkover to Swanmore)
8 Lee Rangers White 2 v 8 Padnell Rovers
9 Stamshaw Knights 1 v 2 Gosport Falcons White
10 Berewood Panthers Aurora 4 v 3 Baffins Milton Rovers
11 Crofton Saints Lions 3 v 1 Waltham Wolves Spitfires

Emsworth Town Clippers, Gosport Borough Red, Gosport Falcons Yellow, Locksheath Lions Red & Paulsgrove

To Be Played Oct 19th

Gosport Borough Reds 3 .v. 3 Gosport Falcons Youth - Won 5-6 on Pens
Gosport Falcons White 0 .v. 6 Locksheath Lions Red
BSS Portsmouth 6 .v. 1 Stubbington Merlins
Swanmore Youth .v. Paulsgrove Youth - to be played 26th October
Crofton Saints Lions 3 .v. 6 Berewood Pathers Aurora
Gosport Falcon Blue 4 .v. 1 University of Portsmouth Boys
Padnell Rovers 0 .v. 14 Gosport Falcons Yellow
Emsworth Town Youth (withdrawn) .v. University of Portsmouth Scholars-walkover

Results sheets to Cup Secretary, Divisional Secretary and Referee Secretary please. You must also notify us of games postponed due to weather asap.