Under 12's Ancell


Under 12 Ancell


Whiteley Fury have withdrawn from the Ancell Division

Gosport Borough Black 2 v 1 AFC Portchester Castles
Locksheath Lions 2 v 4 Lee Rangers White

Lee Rangers White 7 v 0 Crofton Sts Leopards
Whiteley Wanderers Rangers 0 v 3 Locksheath Lions

22/9/18 League Games
Whiteley Wanderers Fury v Gosport Borough Black
AFC Portchester Castles v Lee Rangers White
Crofton Saints Leopards v Locksheath Lions

22/9/18 1st Round Under 12 Challenge Cup - Updated due to withdrawals
Waltham Wolves Titans 9 v 1 AFC Eastney
University of Portsmouth 3 v 1 Gosport Borough Green
Berewood Panthers 3 v 4 Stubbington Hawks
Padnell Rovers v Freehouse Youth
Swanmore Youth 4 v 0 Burseldon
Emsworth Town Clippers 0 v 14 Horndean Youth
Lee Rangers Blue 7 v 1 Crofton Saints Lions
Waltham Wolves Wolfpack v Stubbington Kites
Stubbington Ospreys 6 v 2 Castle Utd
Havant & W/Ville 2 v 2 Whiteley Wanderers Rangers Whiteley won 4-3 on penalties

Byes: AFC Portchester Castles, Crofton Saints Leopards, Gosport Borough Black, Lee Rangers White, Locksheath Lions & Whiteley Wanderers Fury