Under 10 HARDIE

Please remember you DO NOT have to fulfil all these league fixtures, if you need to make changes ie postponements, reversal of fixtures please firstly advise your opposition and let the Div Sec know as well to update the website.

REMEMBER - Team sheet required for every game that you play.

Proposed division w/e/f 16th Nov (9th Nov - U10 Cup)

Bishops Waltham Dynamos Yellow
AFC Portchester Castles
Sarisbury Sparks White
Crofton Saints Pumas
Havant & Waterlooville Kestrels
Bursledon Sharks
Locksheath Lions

SAT 9th Nov
U10 Cup weekend - the draw has been placed on this site by the Cup Secretary (See U10 Challenge Cup)

ANY CUP GAMES NOT PLAYED ON THE 9TH NOV WILL CARRY OVER TO THE 16TH NOV - so please advise if your game was postponed due to the weather etc so we can manage the league fixtures for next weekend as well.

U10 Cup - Sat 16th Nov
Gosport Borough White v Crofton Saints Pumas

SAT 16th Nov
Sarisbury Sparks White V Crofton Saints Pumas - POSTPONED (Crofton in U10 Cup)
Locksheath Lions V Bursledon Sharks
BW Dynamos Yellow V Havant & Waterlooville Kestrels
Pickwick Youth V AFC Portchester Castles

SAT 23rd Nov
Bursledon Sharks V Sarisbury Sparks White
Havant & Waterlooville Kestrels V Crofton Saints Pumas
AFC Portchester Castles V Locksheath Lions
Pickwick Youth V BW Dynamos Yellow - POSTPONED

U10 Cup draw made at the league meeting last night, Cup Secretary would like games played on Sat 30th Nov (also on Cup page) so some scheduled fixtures may be affected below:

Challenge Cup - Sat 30th Nov
Waltham Wolves Pythons v Lee Rangers Blue
Pickwick Youth v Baffins Milton Rovers Panthers
Gosport Borough White v AFC Portchester Castles
Waltham Wolves Vipers v Gosport Borough Red
Stubbington Eagles v Crofton Saints Tigers
Sarisbury Sparks White v Havant & Waterlooville (U9's) - Postponed 30th Nov
Bishops Waltham Dynamos Red v Berewood Panthers Blizzards
East Lodge Spitfires v Bishops Waltham Dynamos Yellow

Plate - Sat 30th Nov
Gosport Borough Green v Gosport Borough Purple
Padnell Rovers Phoenix v Gosport Borough Yellow - POSTPONED 30th Nov, re-scheduled 7th Dec (Reverse if necessary)
Crofton Saints Pumas v AFC Portchester Royals


All others in the Plate have a bye.
AFC Portchester Saxons, Bedhampton, BSS, Bursledon Sharks, Crofton Saints Lions, Gosport Falcons, Havant & Waterlooville Kestrels, Lee Rangers White, Locksheath Lions, Sarisbury Sparks Black, Stamshaw Knights, Stubbington Ravens, Swanmore Youth

SAT 30th Nov
Sarisbury Sparks White V Havant & Waterlooville Kestrels - PP, U10 Cup
Bursledon Sharks V AFC Portchester Castles - PP, U10 Cup
Crofton Saints Pumas V Pickwick Youth - PP, U10 Cup
Locksheath Lions V BW Dynamos Yellow - PP, U10 Cup

SAT 7th Dec
AFC Portchester Castles V Sarisbury Sparks White - Postponed, Sarisbury in U10 Cup
Pickwick Youth V Havant & Waterlooville Kestrels
BW Dynamos Yellow V Bursledon Sharks
Locksheath Lions V Crofton Saints Pumas

SAT 14th Dec
Sarisbury Sparks White V Pickwick Youth
AFC Portchester Castles V BW Dynamos Yellow
Havant & Waterlooville Kestrels V Locksheath Lions
Bursledon Sharks V Crofton Saints Pumas

The Draw has been made and is as follows:

BSS v Stubbington Ravens
Crofton Saints Lions v Stamshaw Knights
Bedhampton v Padnell Rovers Phoenix
Swanmore Youth v Gosport Falcons
AFC Portchester Saxons v Lee Rangers White
Gosport Borough Green v Crofton Saints Pumas
Locksheath Lions v Havant & Waterlooville Kestrels
Bursledon Sharks v Sarisbury Sparks Black

(If games are not played on the 11th Jan, they will roll over to the following weekend)

SAT 18th Jan
BW Dynamos Yellow V Sarisbury Sparks White
Locksheath Lions V Pickwick Youth
Crofton Saints Pumas V AFC Portchester Castles
Bursledon Sharks V Havant & Waterlooville Kestrels

SAT 25th Jan
Sarisbury Sparks White V Locksheath Lions
BW Dynamos Yellow V Crofton Saints Pumas
Pickwick Youth V Bursledon Sharks
AFC Portchester Castles V Havant & Waterlooville Kestrels

SAT 1st Feb
Crofton Saints Pumas V Sarisbury Sparks White
Bursledon Sharks V Locksheath Lions
Havant & Waterlooville Kestrels V BW Dynamos Yellow
AFC Portchester Castles V Pickwick Youth

Sat 8th Feb
Keeping free for next round of U10 Cup

SAT 15th Feb
Sarisbury Sparks White V Bursledon Sharks
Crofton Saints Pumas V Havant & Waterlooville Kestrels
Locksheath Lions V AFC Portchester Castles
BW Dynamos Yellow V Pickwick Youth

SAT 29th Feb
Havant & Waterlooville Kestrels V Sarisbury Sparks White
AFC Portchester Castles V Bursledon Sharks
Pickwick Youth V Crofton Saints Pumas
BW Dynamos Yellow V Locksheath Lions

SAT 7th Mar
Sarisbury Sparks White V AFC Portchester Castles
Havant & Waterlooville Kestrels V Pickwick Youth
Bursledon Sharks V BW Dynamos Yellow
Crofton Saints Pumas V Locksheath Lions

SAT 14th Mar
Pickwick Youth V Sarisbury Sparks White
BW Dynamos Yellow V AFC Portchester Castles
Locksheath Lions V Havant & Waterlooville Kestrels
Crofton Saints Pumas V Bursledon Sharks

SAT 21st Mar
Sarisbury Sparks White V BW Dynamos Yellow
Pickwick Youth V Locksheath Lions
AFC Portchester Castles V Crofton Saints Pumas
Havant & Waterlooville Kestrels V Bursledon Sharks

SAT 28th Mar
Locksheath Lions V Sarisbury Sparks White
Crofton Saints Pumas V BW Dynamos Yellow
Bursledon Sharks V Pickwick Youth
Havant & Waterlooville Kestrels V AFC Portchester Castles

Easter Holidays are from 4th April, I am happy to put a couple of fixtures in after this but reluctant to go into May as that is when tournament season starts, you may have some postponed games to play by then anyway dependant on the weather!